Music & Drama.

Laura Kleinbaum and Christiana Cole are a musical theatre writing team based in New York City and LA. They are currently collaborating on Puritan/Lesbian/Witch, an original musical comedy.

In 1691, wholesome Puritan teen Mary May Obediance Higginbottom Brown is chased through the woods by a pitchforked mob who claim she’s a witch. When she comes across a mysterious time portal, she decides to take her chances, and jumps through the portal – and lands in the closet of a 1991 dorm room. With help from her new 20th century friends Mallory and Muffy, Mary May realizes that she was targeted for witchcraft accusations because she’s a little different from the other girls – she’s a lesbian. When the trio heads to a lesbian bar, bride-to-be Mallory starts to process a realization of her own: she’s gay too. Will Mallory call off her wedding? Can Muffy persuade Mallory that plaid isn’t a good look for bridesmaids dresses? Will Mary May return to the danger of 1691 and reunite with her “very close friend” Agnes, or stay in the sorta-safety of the 1990’s? This comedy, inspired by classics like Mean Girls, Clueless, and But I’m A Cheerleader, celebrates both the joy and struggle of self-discovery in times and places that aren’t perfect.