Music & Drama.

Laura Kleinbaum and Christiana Cole are a musical theatre writing team based in New York City and LA. They are currently collaborating on Puritan/Lesbian/Witch, an original musical comedy.

In 1991, Harvard science nerd Elizabeth Entwistle-Pig struggles to express herself: she can’t connect with her boyfriend, and worse, her advisor doesn’t buy her theory that the whole world – our entire existence – is a simulation. But Elizabeth is determined to game the game of life. She will prove her theory true, win a Nobel prize…and marry her boyfriend at some point, which she will totally want to do when the time is right.

In 1691, wholesome teen Puritan Mary May Obediance Higginbottom Brown is chased through the woods by a pitchforked mob that’s convinced she’s a witch. When a mysterious time portal opens up in front of her, Mary May takes her chances and jumps in – and lands in Elizabeth’s closet. With help from Elizabeth and some new modern friends, Mary May figures out why she’s an outcast – she’s not a witch, she’s just a lesbian.

As Mary May embraces newfound freedom and ditches her bonnet, Elizabeth begins to act weird – avoiding her boyfriend, discouraging Mary May from telling people the truth. There might be more than one puritan-lesbian-witch around. This comedy, inspired by classics like The Baby-Sitters Club, Death Becomes Her, and But I’m A Cheerleader, celebrates both the joy and struggle of self-discovery in times and places that aren’t perfect.